Weekly Workout Recap – 04/28 – 05/04

Weekly Recap

So remember that stomach bug I mentioned in my last recap? Yeah, I ended up going to the emergency room Sunday night because I was so sick. Not fun. So this recap is going to be short since there isn’t much to talk about. Recap:


Rest day. Feeling better after the trip to the hospital, but still far from 100%.


Rest day. I did make it to my physical therapy appointment, where my therapist gave me the okay to attempt the Bucks County 10 Miler on Sunday.


Rest day. I had every intention of going to Power Sessions, but class was cancelled due to the ridiculous amount of rain and the subsequent flooding.


2 miles easy, about 20 minutes. Really wasn’t pretty, but felt good to be moving again.

Physical Therapy


Rest day.


30 minute easy run about 3.1 miles. Went for a short shake out run to see if Sunday’s race was a possibility. My IT band started to make its presence known towards the end, but otherwise I felt all right enough to attempt the race.


Bucks County 10 Miler. Recap to hopefully come this week. Short version: Left hip was not happy by the end, didn’t set a PR, but ran faster than I expected after a pretty crappy month, so I’m happy.

So that’s this week in a nutshell. I had initially planned this coming week to be a recovery week following the race, and I’m planning to keep it that way. I have physical therapy twice, and I definitely want to get back to yoga. Fingers crossed for a good week!

Now it’s your turn! How was your week in workouts? Any big accomplishments or setbacks?



2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap – 04/28 – 05/04

  1. Colleen Lerro May 5, 2014 at 5:09 PM Reply

    Yikes, sounds like a tough week. Can’t believe you still pulled through a 10 miler – congrats! Looking forward to the recap.

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